Rides Over Mountains consulting was established in 1998 to support organizations that provide a public service through education, health and communications. Technical Assistance and training is offered for research and evaluation support to academic, government and community based organizations. Brenda F. Seals, PhD, MPH, MA, founder, has numerous international and organizational awards. Notably she won the Novelli Award for Applied Social Marketing and a CDC award for impact and outcome evaluation of the Prevention Marketing Initiative. Together with experts across the United States, Rides Over Mountains provides individualized services.  

Rides Over Mountains offers expertise in health, communications, and education, and specializes in large studies having national impact.

Our Community Based Participatory Approach seeks to build organizational capacity through providing training, mentoring and modeling best practices in research and evaluation.


Consulting is available in the following arenas:

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Rides Over Mountains is a small company that takes on a small number of projects each year ensuring that our clients’ priorities are the top of our agenda. With over 30 years experience in different forms of evaluation, we can assist you in strategically getting the most informative data with the least effort. We are linked to senior professionals across the United States to further increase your network of interested professionals. Linking organizations to universities and other partners may provide additional resources and new ideas to consider. Contact us for more information or a free quote!